A Colonial Security Force is the primary law enforcement on a Terran Federation colony. As well as organic personnel, some security forces employ CCSA's to assist them.


  • Enforcement: Uniformed officers who patrol the settlements of the colony, discipline minor infractions, resolve disputes, and respond to emergencies.
  • Investigation: Detectives who gather intelligence on cases.
  • Customs: Officers who screen the passengers and cargo that pass through the colonies ports, confiscate contraband, and arrest smugglers.
  • Network: Technicians who deal with "cybercrimes", such as identity theft, copyright theft, hacking, viral attacks, and illegal AI research.
  • Special Response: Officers who deal with hostage situations, bombs, and heavily armed criminals. In the event a colony is attacked, they are the front line of interior defense, armed with military-grade weaponry.
  • Patrol: officers who man small patrol vessels in orbit above the colony.